Help that we offer

We provide our services to the vulnerable, predominately older people, living  in Totnes and its surrounding areas.
To use our services, you must be registered with either the Leatside or Catherine House doctors' surgeries.

Just some of the services we offer

See below for a selection of the services we offer. Please call us on 01803 865 684  if you need any of our services or would like to discuss what we are able to offer.

Totnes Caring has fully trained staff and volunteers who are personable, insured
and DBS checked.

Transport to medical appointments.

Our volunteer drivers transport clients to and from hospital, doctors' surgeries, dentists, opticians and other places, such as our Memory Cafe and Lunch Clubs.

(see suggested donations at the note at end of this page)

Shopping A combination of  volunteers accompanying clients, or providing lists for volunteers and Home Helps to collect shopping for you. These can be 'one-off' trips – for example, stocking up on basic foods following discharge from hospital, or they can be a regular thing. Whatever you need.

Form filling

We have volunteers who are trained to help clients to complete AA forms. For other benefit forms we direct clients to other more relevant services.

Volunteers are able to help with paperwork, sorting bills, or responding to important letters. We can also help to set up Direct Debits or liaise with banks etc. on your behalf.

Computers, iPads and Mobile Phones

Are you having difficulty setting up or using your computer or mobile device?

We can help with a 'get you going again' visit to help you with your computer, iPad, printer or mobile phone.

Lunch Club Our popular Lunch Club is held five days a week (Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays). We are usually able to transport you to our Lunch Clubs, either in car with a volunteer driver or in our minibus, if required. (Please remember to make a donation, a collecting tin is always on board.)
We meet at Totnes Conservative Club - 12.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Memory Cafés

People with memory problems and their carers are very welcome at our Memory Cafe.  
Our Memory Cafe is an opportunity to meet socially with others', make new friends, share information, and have some fun over tea and biscuits.

Just drop in, any Friday between 2-4pm to:

The Totnes Boating Association Club,
Steamer Quay Road, Totnes,

Home Help Service

Our Home Help service is the only service we charge for (at a rate of £14.60 per hour, to cover the cost of the Home Help staff). Some of the services we offer include: housework, (including laundry), shopping and paying bills.

Liz Loader is the Home Help Coordinator and her responsibility is managing the Home Help Service, matching clients and Home Help staff together.

Emergency lifeline

We recommend Mi-Guardian at a weekly cost of £3.99, plus VAT (unless VAT exempt) Try free for eight weeks!

Please call 0800 130 0011, or check out


Torbay TeleHealthCare, St. Edmunds CSCC, Victoria park Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 3QH.

Telephone number: 0300 456 4861

A fast and easy way of getting in contact with an emergency control centre - at the press of a button.

Connected to your telephone line, this enables you to maintain an independent lifestyle, whilst bringing peace of mind to carers and relatives.

(If you need help with regard to having an Emergency Lifeline installed, please call us on 01803 865684)

Helpful staff and volunteers Our staff and volunteers are fully trained, all DBS checked and there to provide high-quality individual support - and company when needed.
Just plain listening! Sometimes you don't need anything other than to have a good old natter! We have some of the finest ears in Totnes - call us and we're sure to put you in touch with a friendly pair!


Transport Notes and suggested donations

If you live in the Totnes or Dartington area, we are able to transport you to our Lunch Club, either in a car with a volunteer driver, or in our minibus.

Contact us on 01803 865684 for more information - and then come and join us for lunch! Booking Transport for Appointments Please note that the sooner you book your transport, there is more of a chance that we will be able to find you a driver.

We always do our best to fulfil all drives, but sometimes we just do not have enough drivers. Please note that we receive no direct funding and rely on your donation to cover the costs of your journey.

Listed below is what your journey costs from Totnes Town (please add £2 if you live outside of Totnes)