What is New Directions?

New Directions is a club held at the Conservative Club, Totnes, on Wednesdays, between 2.00p.m. – 4.00p.m.

New Directions day out to Dartmoor

It is aimed at people who have undertaken a significant life change and are finding it hard to restore social confidence. Maybe a stroke has left them with a physical disability, perhaps long-term disability has left them feeling isolated, or they have suffered a bereavement.


Our activities have included:

Is there a charge?

There is a charge of £5 for each session. This helps to cover the cost of the room, refreshments, equipment and tutor fees. There is the option of paying £10, if you choose to have lunch beforehand.




How can I join?

If you, or someone you know, is interested in attending, please either call Jess Preece on 01803 414890 or email her at: jess.preece31@gmail.com. Alternatively call Totnes Caring on 01803 865684, or email us at: info@totnescaring.org.uk