How to fix a blank iPad screen

If your iPad has stopped working with the screen still on you can force it to restart. The machine will shut down completely to enable it to be restarted. 

Your data will not be deleted - although you may lose the last thing you were working on before the iPad locked up. As long as the iPad's battery has some charge, you can force your iPad to restart, even if your screen is black or the iPad's buttons are not responding.

To force the iPad to restart do the following:

1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home at the same time, until the screen goes blank. Try this even if the screen is already blank.


2. Now press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again. You should see an Apple Logo appear in the centre of the screen.

Wait a few minutes and the iPad should boot up normally. 

3. Now enter your passcode if you have one. 

Your iPad should now be working as normal again.

If the iPad does not reboot when you follow the procedure above you can try recharging it. If you see the battery symbol when you plug in your iPad charging cable then you have run the battery down and it just needs recharging. 

Charge it for a few hours. Note you can still use the iPad whilst it is charging. 

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